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TLC Friends

What is TLC? TLC is a non-profit, inclusive, parent-led, homeschool enrichment program for children ages 5 to 17 years of age. Parents choose to support the program either as committee participants, teachers or assistants and remain on campus throughout each TLC day to meet the necessary staffing needs.

What classes are being offered?

Subjects such as science, history, physical activity; performing, visual, language and domestic arts have been featured in past semesters. The beauty of a co-op is that the number and variety of classes offered depends entirely on the contributions from its member families!

Where and when does TLC meet?

TLC meets at a church property in Upland, CA (the two entities are affiliated only through the site leasing agreement). Classes meet for two semesters annually (approximately 12 weeks each), on Mondays from September to May, with winter and spring breaks. Families select from the schedule the five, 55-minute classes that will make up their TLC day.