Current Class Schedule

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Classes meet for two semesters annually (approximately 12 weeks each) and are held on Mondays from September to May. Families select from the schedule the five, 55 minute classes that will make up their TLC day.

Co-op classes are available for children Kindergarten through high school (ages
5-17) with PreK available for younger siblings only. Class titles and age ranges are listed below. Classes that carry an additional Fee are indicated below as well.

Fall 2017 Schedule

First Period
Campfire Songs and Crafts  (5-7)
Painting  (5-8)
Slimes, goos and doughs  (8-10)
Cute and Creepy Crawlies   (8-11)
Historical Figures  (10+)
Recycled Art  (11+)
Poetry  (12+)
Fall Fling   (13+) 

Study Hall (K-12)

2nd Period
Cultures Around The World  (5-7)
Yoga  (5-7)
Nature Study  (7-9)
Fairy Tales and Nursery rhymes STEM  (8-10)
Fiber Arts (Fee)  (7-10)
Stunt  (10 +)
Hula  (10-18)
Career Exploration   (11+)
Doll Designing  (13+)
Great Books Great Writing -To Kill a Mockingbird  (14+)

3rd Period
Nature Study  (5-7)
Lego Jr.  (5-6)
Hula (7-9)
Hand Embroidery  (7-11)
Poetry Tea Time  (8-11)
Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction  (10-13)
Fiber Arts Advanced  (Fee $70) (11+)
SCIENCE!! (12+)
Introduction to Nutrition and Wellness  (13+)

Advanced Sewing (13+)

Teen Activities (13+)

4th Period
PE  (5-7)
Painting  (5-8)
Beginning Jazz  (7-12)
Midieval Times  (8-10)
Intro to Spanish  (8-13)
Healthy Cooking  ((10+)
Games, Games, Games -MS  (10-13)
Mask Making  (12+

5th Period
Storybook Stem  (5-7)
Nature Art  (5-7)
Learning Centers  (5-9)
Sweets and Treats  (8-10)
Writing for Reluctant Writers  (8-10)
The Rest is History   (10+)
Anatomy- The Systems  (11-13)
Older Theater  (11+)
Games, Games, Games Teen  (13+)

Head Drawing (13+)